Hall 3 program

Hall 5 program

Hall 3

Fishing equipment, accessories
Sport fishing
Specialized vehicles
Protection of fish stocks, stocking
Fish dishes and tastings
Thematic segments based on amateur fishing – spinning, bottom, float, fly, carp, ice, sea, underwater fishing

Hall 4

Water tourism: kayaking, paddling board, diving
Rural tourism: recreation, saunas, entertainment
Mountain tourism: mountaineering, skiing
Entertainment in the air: air balloons, parachutes, paragliders
Specialized vehicles: four-wheelers, bicycles, other
Grilling: everything from grills to spices
Tourism equipment: footwear, clothing, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, other

Hall 5

Weapons – smoothbores and rifles
Antique guns
Clothing, footwear, special measures
Commercial hunting
Organization of hunting in Lithuania and abroad
Hunters’ clubs operating in Lithuania
Lithuanian state forest enterprises
Security services
Specialized vehicles
Shooting entertainment, simulators
Game dishes and tastings
Hunting equipment and accessories – optical scopes, knives, cartridges, other
LITEXPO Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre, Laisvės pr. 5, 04215, Vilnius
Exhibition date and business hours
23-25 March 2018
23 March 10:00-18:00
24 March 10:00-18:00
25 March 10:00-17:00